Etaxe and Ewinner Launch


Electrotherm is pioneer in electric powered vehicles, they received their milestone with yo bikes which is electric powered scooter first in India. Launching a rickshaw on stage brought the challenge , we created special stage and backdrop for the event , where in led backdrop set up we show the corporate movie made for the event after that led screen splits and rickshaw is brought on the stage with models sitting , rickshaw settles on a revolving platform which is set in the crowd . stand-up comedians  from comedy factory were assigned task of hosting and stand-up comedy. Meghdhanush band performed after the launch , they brought crowd to dance on their beats .

Challenges faced and overcome

  • Bringing rickshaw with 550 kg payload down from 5ft stage in ongoing event
  • Tickets booking of 200 dealers from all over india
  • Hospitality of all the dealers and their logistics


Siddharth Bhandari , Electrotherm India

what we did

Hotel bookings /Designing of stationaries /Booking of agencies /Production /Artist booking /Fabrication /Catering /Management /Movie making

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